Tuesday, 22 April 2014

British bank holidays

Well, the Easter holidays are over, and in true British fashion we got some good old-fashioned bank holiday weather...

We had family around on Easter Sunday, and I'm very glad I made some spur-of-the-minute warming soup. There was enough left for Monday lunch too!

This was potato, leek and spinach. It was a real 'what's-in-the-fridge' soup (or rather, what was in the veggie rack). My meals are often cobbled together from bits and pieces and nothing goes to waste. Soups are particularly good for using up leftover veg - cheap, quick and filling. I literally lived off soup as a penniless student, and with the current economic climate my favourite soup book has come in handy again!

Something else that has come in handy as the temperature dropped was my newest pair of socks.

I love knitting and I got the sock bug a few years ago. There's nothing cosier than socks you've made yourself in lovely wool.

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